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2:21am / 26th March 2014

"Sometimes I forget to mention how beautiful your touch is, and how it holds me together, like glue.

When your fingers run over my forehead or when your lips gently touch mine. I want to shiver, with the pleasant goosebumps crawling up my spine.

And this feeling is everything I live for, because without you. I would be - lost in a world I don't recognise. Loving you is all I have."


you all need to calm down, i havent killed myself. i just needed to vent and release my feelings. sorry but not really for this. it’s not even bad and it’s sad that they’re not deeper. bit it’s also sad that i cut a 5 month clean arm.
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  3. a-fallen--angel said: Maybe you don’t care but we. ,-i, certainly do. I know its hard, But you can do this, believe me, I believe in you, you didn’t cut for 5 months, i’m sure you can stop, I’m here for you. Stay strong lovely,
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